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"David and Bathsheba" (1951) Director: Henry King

This is the story of the love between David (Gregory Peck), King of Israel, and Bathsheba (Susan Hayward). It is a love that is doomed from the start, because she is the wife of one of David's army captains, Uriah (Kieron Moore).

"King David" (1985) Director: Bruce Beresford

Richard Gere is the King of Israel in this lavish, visually stunning historical adventure from director Bruce Beresford. See David's boyhood as a shepherd, the slaying of Goliath, his rise to power and all-consuming love for Bathsheba.

"David" (1997) Director: Robert Markowitz

A very good production of King David. Lenonard Nimoy, known best for Star Trek's Mr. Spock, does an excellant preformace as the Prophet Samuel who anointed David, the young shephard boy, who becomes a King. Nathaniel Parker as David is most impressive in his victories, failures, and recovery as the man who's royal dynasty will last forever. Also, Jonathan Price, as King Saul was also fantastic.

David - King of Israel
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