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Almost 3,000 years ago in the Valley of Elah, a young, military inexperienced though faithful, courageous, proud and smart lad, named David, defeated Goliath, a giant who cast fright and horror wherever he looked (Samuel I, 17).

David's defeat of Goliath symbolizes a victory of good over evil, spirit over power, faith and wisdom over brutality.
Over the centuries, this event became a historical and cultural classic and an inspiration for the creation of works of art in literature, music, painting and sculpture. In various cultures, parents give their children the name of David as if asking to best of upon them the divine qualities of the biblical hero.

However, in the Valley of Elah, the very place where this battle accured, there is no memorial, no sign or hint of the event, and even birds that continue to fly above, as they did thousands of years ago, cannot tell the story.

David - King of Israel
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